Bathed, Sleeping Beauty!

We returned one night recently, after such a long, busy day, to feed Rhema and then we needed to bathe her before bedtime.  Rhema made it through the dinner pretty well, but then began to look VERY droopy.  It was not one of those days where we could put off a bath as she had ridden horses that day, plus, been in a doctor’s office.  So, we rushed to the bath and got her into the water and she literally fell asleep in my arms as I held her up to wash her hair!!!  No joke, she just passed out!  So, I held her like you would a new-born baby and quickly finished washing her hair and did a quick wash of her body and we wrapped her up in a towel.  We put her on the changing table and she just kept right on sleeping!  I cleaned her ears, clipped her fingernails and toes, put lotion on her, brushed her hair and even thought about attempting to brush her teeth–but I thought that would be pushing it. (smile)  We put on her PJs, we put on fresh AFO socks, put on her “helper shoes”, and after we’d laid her down on her mattress – – – she woke up and was ready to play!  Ha ha ha!  She is such a hoot!