PT Walking Roxanne & Dee Dee June 2014 SNAG-0016Walking is Hard Work!

Rhema did okay at PT this week, but she just seemed very tired the whole time.  Even on the drive to PT she yawned a lot and just seemed fatigued.  She did not want to cooperate much with Mrs. Dee Dee.  We checked her shunt and it seemed alright; we just think she was tired or just growing maybe.

PT Stairs June 2014 SNAG-0015Climbing Up!

Rhema loves to climb on anything so Mrs. Dee Dee thought the stairs might be good motivation for Rhema to perk up.

PT Stairs Sitting June 2014 SNAG-0014

PT Ball Pit blue bow June 2014 SNAG-0013Rhema got a few minutes to play in the ball pit but even there, in her happy place, she seemed a little less enthused than usual.

After her PT sessions we changed her, cathed her and put her into her car seat.  We did not even get out of the parking lot when we looked back to see her sleeping so soundly.  Poor kid, there are some days I guess where even she is not into it.  The amazing thing is, even though she was this tired, she was not fussy.  I am one blessed momma!  She is so precious!!!!

After PT asleep June 2014 SNAG-0012