The Princess is asleep, wearing her boots. How many of you said “goodnight” to your boots when you headed off to dreamland? LOL! We did. Lol!
Rhema ate a good dinner and took her Motrin for pain/swelling. I’ve not removed the boots or the gauze lining; I’m waiting to get home in good lighting and a better environment. I’m so anxious to see the incision sites to see what we are dealing with, but wisdom tells me to wait. So I’m being patient.
We Skyped with Rhema’s daddy tonight and she loved seeing his face. We lifted her boots up so he could see them and she even did some kicking for him! I can tell she is not used to having use of her knees for a long time as she is dragging her legs, but I know she will adjust quickly when she figures out how to get around in the boots. I’m just excited to see those precious little legs and to give her a proper bath! No more bath chair! No more screaming and crying just to wash her hair once a week. Yea!!! We are back to bubbles, splashing in the water and hopefully soon some swimming, in a pool somewhere!
We hope to celebrate the finale of getting the AFOS with renting a bounce house as having a small party! It may be near my birthday so we may just combo the two and celebrate my 39th birthday with a bounce house party! Wahooo! I’m loving it!!! Who’s in???? LOL!

Well, Nite nite y’all! Everyone is resting but me so I’m headed off to try and rest some too. We will post in the morning! Blessings!