Sharon SARCOA OXFORD Sept 2014 SNAG-0000Love Hearing Sharon Reading To Rhema

We are very pleased to welcome a new friend to our Rhema Miracle Team– Mrs. Sharon.  Rhema recently qualified for a Waver program that provides homemaking services and skill nursing services.  We are still waiting on the skill nursing cares, so ya’ll can join in our prayers that soon we will have someone provided.  We’ve been waiting several months on it.  Nevertheless, we are happy with what the Lord has provided via Mrs. Sharon!  Mrs. Sharon is a precious lady that comes to help Rhema weekly to ensure her environment is clean and she is well taken care of.  Mrs. Sharon is wonderful with Rhema and always reads a book before she leaves.  Sharon is very animated when she talks and Rhema loves to watch her.  We feel super blessed to have Sharon as a part of our team!  Oh, and did I say– Sharon loves Jesus!  If it’s not enough that Sharon reads to Rhema and ensures that all is well with her before she leaves, Sharon also is such an encouragement to me.  When she leaves, I feel like we just “had church” and I love that about her!  If you are not smiling when Sharon leaves, then check your pulse because you may be dead!  LOL!  She is so joyful and uplifting.  Yes, Sharon fits in with us wonderfully!  Yay Jesus for bringing us Mrs. Sharon!