The examination…. He sat for a while and just seemed to be pondering what he was looking at. He also brought in his associate to take a look. 

One foot is on the nice list and one is for sure on the naughty list. 

Her right foot has another break near the growth plate. We have no clue how that happened. She’s not crawled around, she’s not stood up and she’s not taken a fall. We’ve been racking our brain and he said it could be as simple as the foot bending backwards in her bed while she slept. I remember once she got onto the floor in her room while watching a movie and I was folding clothes… Maybe in her getting out of her chair and onto the floor in those few moments this happened???  I just don’t know. We are so vigilant with her care. Either way our sweetie is back in a cast for a while. 

We decided to make this cast festive for the season; so it looks like a candy cane. Also we decided to take it up higher above the knee to hopefully help with the foot pulling up into the cast issues we’ve been having. 

She sat real still and did so well. She got X-rays before and after the casting.  In one week we will get X-rays locally and mail it up to her surgeon. That will determine our next appointment date. 

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. We are so happy we followed the uneasy feeling we’ve had and made the trip. Praise God that He guides us and gives wisdom in all situations.  How does anyone “parent” without the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit???  

Now, we feel like finally, we can get her on the road to healing. This has been one issue after another and we are very ready to have two healthy feet.