Pool crazy smile SB Clinic June 2014 SNAG-0004Blurry But Happy!

Two full days of medical tests, multiple physicians, technicians, specialists, etc…. and what do we do from 8:30pm- 10pm???  SWIM! SWIM! SWIM!  Yes, we were a little loopy and worn out, but hey, there is an indoor pool and we MUST swim!  The above picture was the best out of all of the ones I took and it is still blurry!  LOL!  Rhema had the most fun swimming until she wore all of us out!  We finally told her the pool had to go nite nite like we did and she agreed to get out and “wrapped up” in a towel.  Both momma and Rhema were tuckered out that night and after all the showers were done Rhema passed out!  Rhema had a little cough so momma observed Rhema until about 3am to be sure she had not gotten water into her lungs, but after seeing that everything was okay, Momma then passed out!  It was a long few days up at clinic but it ended on a soggy, happy note.  We love our swimming!

Pool wrapped up SB clinic June 2014 SNAG-0005