So, why am I up at 2:48am typing…. There is too much adrenalin pumping thru me currently. 

Our days started out well; as good as it can in a hospital. Rhema woke up happy, ate well and we’ve had many fun visitors today. 

Mrs Honey who is a director of the Child Life Dept came by for a visit. We love Mrs Honey and all the folks that work with her!!   We also had a volunteer hospital Chaplin come by and he prayed with mamma for Rhema.  He was very sweet and took her name as a prayer request. 

We got to go play for a short time in the activity room. Rhema is anxious to return tomorrow as they have the Lego video game there. Lol!  

We took a wagon ride around to see all the cars going by and watch the trains.

Now to the issue as to why I cannot sleep…. From about 5pm until now (3am) it’s been very tough.  Rhema’s IV began to hurt and burn each time they came to give her the meds. She began fighting us and by the 1am last two meds being pushed thru her IV she fought us so hard she ripped out rhe IV.  Okay so that’s a first. 

So mamma began to pray. First I prayed with Rhema and explained that she had to have an IV.  We put on some lavender and sprayed some around the room for calming olfactory environment. 

After praying I stepped out into the hall and was met with the nurse and two additional folks prepared to hold her down to place the new IV. So I requested that they put the IV in her good foot, they go get a VERY experienced nurse (I call this person the big-dog) as her veins are small and tend to roll. They retreated back to their desks and called down and got someone off another floor.  Soon the door opened and our nurse returned wirh this one other person. 

 Im praying the entire time and y’all, this dude got it in her foot on first time, drew blood from it for a lab they needed and then hooked her up for her meds in all of 5 minutes. I could have kissed this guy!  Rhema still struggled some and was not happy but really it could not have gone better. Our nurse brought back a pink bandaids for Rhema’s hand where the IV was ripped out. I spoke to her about her “bad choice” to fight her nurse and when he came back she apologized to him sweetly. 

Rhema’s wound care began tonight and a big decision will happen in the morning. Either her wounds will look better or she will be back in the OR tomorrow. Please join us in praying healing over her and wisdom for her surgeon. We need wisdom as well as to how to handle all this and peace as we help her process all this. 

Whew!  There is more I want to say but honestly, I’m spent. In going to try to sleep now. We covet your prayers and thank you all for them. We will post Tmw morning as we see how her wounds are responding.