Rhema is doing well here on Day #2 in the hospital. Yesterday we so exhausting I did not have the energy to post.  Tonight I have even less energy but here I am, up and too much adrenalin pumping thru me to sleep. More on that in my next post. 
Yesterday Rhema was 4 hours in the ER before we could get assigned to a room. Everyone was so wonderful as we waited: Child Life brought her some books, an IPad and some super hero toys to play with. Also due to the delay in the ER they decided to begin her IV there and Child Life came and did a “what to expect” talk with Rhema that was just outstanding!  I’m even more in love with the Child Life Dept than I was before. 

Once her IV was in they brought in a pink treasure chest and she could pick anything she wanted out of it. She chose a tiny baby doll that had dark skin. (Soap box moment: racism is taught folks, out of a box full of white baby dolls Rhema chose a black baby doll. I totally loved her choice!) 

We were not prepared to stay so my folks drove up my hubby and our hastily packed bags and when he arrived he came in carrying a huge pink unicorn. After Rhema grabbed and began hugging it he tells me it was from the folks at Rhema’s “nite nite house” (hotel) and that when they stopped to toss his stuff in the hotel the staff met him with this huge pink unicorn and some big coloring books for “their Rhema”. Y’all, this little girl is so loved!  We are so blessed by their thoughtfulness!!! 

So Rhema and I rested they the night which brings us to tonight……