Oh my gosh, ya’ll, Rhema has finally chosen a nite nite friend!  Rhema has never before wanted to sleep with any animal or doll, but for the last week she has wanted to sleep with this bunny!  I’m totally loving seeing her cuddled up sleeping, clutching this soft bunny.  I’ve had this bunny packed up since we’ve moved and only just recently put it out on her new bed for her to see.  Rhema’s name is embroidered on the ear and a few nights ago she feel asleep with the bunny’s ear draped over her head!  It was so cute!

Okay, so here is where you come in…. I want to name the bunny, but I feel it’s a huge deal to name her first nite nite buddy.   So, I’m wanting folks to post some ideas for a good name for the bunny.

Here is a better picture of the bunny…..Be as creative as you like and help me give a good first name to Rhema’s new found friend!  Suggestions —-> NOW! GO!