Horses September 2013 SNAG-0005

Rhema is rocking her new horse shirt in this picture.  She has outgrown most of her clothes and momma found some lovely fall clothes at a children’s consignment event recently.  I’m always looking for horse shirts for her to ride in and we found this sparkly, pink horse shirt that Rhema loved!

Rhema is still acting very timid and nervous about riding.  She whimpers and holds on to her therapist tightly for a while until she adjusts to riding.  It is a point of concern I have and am praying about.  Can you all please join in prayer with me concerning this?  If it’s a phase then we can just ride it out (pardon the pun), but if there is something physically hurting her I would like to identify it.  If it is something spiritual then I would like to identify it and pray over it too.  I just would like to get a resolution on this issue and see her like she was just a few months ago when she did not appear so tentative.  Thank you all for joining in and praying on this issue.  I know the Lord will make it clear what needs to be done. Amen? Amen!