Rhema's Eye May 16 2013-0004Rhema’s Baby Blues

Rhema took this picture herself of her eye!  I love it as it’s the window to her soul….

It’s almost 4am and I’m still up…. I’m still working for my daughter….a momma’s job is never done….not when it comes to the safety and success of her child.

Why am I still up?  I have an early morning IEP meeting in which we will be educating a group of folks on all-things Rhema.

I’ve got a 10 page packet for all parties involved and I’m still not fully happy with it….I’ve got three possible hours left to sleep…and I’m still not happy with my packet….

I’m listening to her breath on my baby monitor and watching her sleep….

How does one convey to perfect strangers what is required to successfully steward a child with special needs if they do not have a child with special needs?

How to I put into words the endless and minute details of how we, moment to moment, keep her safe, secure and thriving?

I’ve worked in the special need’s community since is was 18 years of age and I THOUGHT I knew what it was all about…. until I had a child with special needs….

Having book and empirical knowledge did help me, but is NOTHING!, NOTHING! like living it 365 days, 24/7 when it’s YOUR child….

I have to look her into those baby blues and say “see you later sweetie” and also KNOW these perfect strangers are fully equipped to do the job…. and WILL do it…..

There is much to discuss at 8am….

I’m listening to my printer rattle off page after page of my momma’s heart concerning my daughter’s care….

Yes, there is much to discuss at 8am….

We desire to educate concerning her physical condition but more specifically, educate on WHO SHE IS and HER unique NEEDS…

We desire to be supportive, life-giving, open, honest, clear and concise….

We WILL meet our daughter’s needs so she may be safe, enjoy school and thrive….

So, for those folks who are early risers…If you catch this rambling post…say a prayer for us….pray for the folks in the meeting….



Rhema’s Momma