Rhema had her first therapy day with her new physical therapist!

They did very well together and we feel very good about the place!

Rhema is wearing a "garment/strapping" solution in this picture that we are testing out to see if it offers any help to better position her legs and feet for walking.  We were very pleased with the results and feel that it may be a temporary solution to get her on her way toward the correct posture for weight bearing and taking steps. 

Rhema's personal strapping system will not be this involved, but here we were testing an older version of the set she will be receiving in a few weeks.  We've put off the metal twister cables to try this solution to see if it will be successful. 

This sure beats having metal rods attached permanently to her braces and her having to wear a large leather belt around her waist.  If her situation does call for that kind of restrictive gear, we will of course do it, but we are wanting to begin with the LEAST restrictive options first.  

The problem is she's just between stages; her primary mode of movement is crawling, but she also should be learning to weight bear, step and cruise.  So, we are praying that this current solution will be successful for the time being until we can advance her past this stage.  Ultimately, she may need a major surgery to permanently solve these issues.  My heart cringes at the thought…..We pray everyday for healing in her legs/feet bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, etc…..  Please continue to pray and agree with us for this healing, our sweet friends who pray…..

Another amazing benefit for Rhema is that she will be able to participate with a dance therapy group!  They train all year with the kids and then they have a dance recital to show how much the kids accomplished mobility-wise!  We are SO EXCITED that Rhema will be able to participate with this program!! 

And, yes, that's me in the picture with Rhema's bow in my hair and a bean bag on my head! 🙂 I was participating in a song with her and her daddy snapped this picture of me.  What a momma won't do for her girl…..