Such An Awesome Team!

Rhema’s physical therapy team consistently goes over and above in how they care for our precious Rhema.  These two therapist worked at least 30+ minutes with Rhema in her Gait Trainer to get it set just right for her to use it soon with her new twister cables.  We needed an additional part that we did not have so one of the therapist borrowed the part off of another trainer they had for us to borrow.  What a blessing!  Soon, Rhema will have straight feet with the cabling and be able to use her Gait Trainer more successfully.

Once they got it adjusted Rhema practiced walking.  We put her “dancing pants” on to assist, but they do not do a great job keeping her feet straight the more she walks.  This did not bother Rhema as she just enjoyed being pushed along and “stepping” with her feet as we went to visit Mrs. Linda, the secretary, who always has a big smile for Rhema!  I love our therapists and feel so completely supported and cared for with this group!  God is good!!!