Rhema slept really well for about 6+ hours. She did get restless around the time she was due for her pain med; she slept but thrashed about in the bed. About that time the nurse came in with her pain med and after a few a minutes she settled back down. She woke up very early and is in a great mood. She has played and is watch Cars again. She finally is eating a little breakfast, very slowly.
We’ve not seen the doctor yet and her temporary wheelchair has not come yet. So we are in a holding pattern here until we see if we are getting discharged today. I’m praying we do as mom and I both need some good rest sometime today so we both feel better. Rhema’s daddy should be here soon and she will be happy to see him.
Overall, I’m pleased with how she looks today and like seeing those baby blues smiling at me once again. Praise Jesus!!!!