Mr. Randy and Rhema Try Out Her New Ride

Rhema has a new friend!  This is her "otto bock"; to say it sounds like "auto bot" so we are having fun with it saying Rhema has her very own Transformer!  It's more than meets the eye, let me tell you!  It has been recommended to us the Rhema will need a wheelchair soon for long distances, but we'd rather have our insurance dollars focus on things that will help her with mobility, like the gait trainer we've got on order.  However, Rhema's legs are getting longer and her stroller is quickly getting too small and it's very low to the ground as it's just a baby sun stroller. 

So, I got it into my mind to find a used stroller for special need's kids.  It's amazing to me how the Lord can provide things and line things up as a provision for His kids!  I found an old stroller frame 3 hours north of here and we were able to get free!  The screws and some attachments were rusted out and Rhema's daddy had to use much elbow grease to get the screws out and to adjust it for her, but all in all, we think it will work great! Then through talking with people in Rhema's clinic they had the pads needed for the frame, the headrest (coming soon) and the tiny basket that fits underneath!  It's all used, of course, but it fits, is in pretty good shape and it's all free!  What a HUGE BLESSING!  It's is outrageous how much medical equipment is; it is overwhelming and unfathomable the fees!  So, we are very excited with this provision! 

Now we are praying for the funds to buy a canopy shade we found online and a matching backpack bag to hang on the back for her baby necessities.  The canopy is made by a family that has a special need's child of their own and they design wheelchair shade covers in many fabrics and sell them to the public.  It seems to be a  viable solution and pretty too; sounds like a solution to me!  🙂

Anyway, we wanted to testify of a HUGE blessing for our family and show off Rhema's new ride!  In the Fall, Rhema is going to try her hand at baseball with the 2-4 year old T-Ball Team with the "Miracle League" (click on link).  Rhema having this stroller will allow her to participate in this wonderful opportunity. Praise the Lord for His Blessings and perfect timing!