Casts Too Tight Feb 2014 SNAG-0001Poor Kid!

Okay, so here is an image to show you all what we’ve been so concerned about.  You can see from the picture above that the top of the casts were way too tight and also, it was rubbing terribly on her legs.  She has been so uncomfortable and it’s been difficult for her to sleep.  Now, if you remember in the hospital we would not leave until they fixed the area at her toes, so we’ve already had some concerns with these casts.  There is a fine line between being “one of those parents” and taking proper care of our girl.  We’ve already been accused of being over protective and “hovering parents”, but I could not see Rhema enduring 3 weeks of sleepless nights and sores.  So, once it was determined that the above issues were not due to swelling, rather it was just a poor casting job, we decided to “risk” being further labeled problem/hover parents and pursue a solution.  Our physician luckily was able to get us in with a local group, thus sparing us the 8 hour round trip drive to Children’s, where they could take a look at things.  The physician and casting guy could not have been nicer and we collaboratively decided to cut off almost an inch at the top of the casts, rather than doing a full change.  Now, it was VERY UPSETTING to Rhema as the machine they use here is VERY loud.  She clung to me a cried her little head off; this is one of the worst parts of being the parent of a child with special needs.  It never gets any easier each time I have to hold her or hold her down for a procedure…..I hate it!  It is necessary and I’d rather be there to comfort her rather than hand her off to strangers.  Thankfully we were able to get both of them modified and it has brought her such relief!  There is still a concern of pressure sores on the pink cast around the back of the knee, but we will touch base with the folks at Children’s this week about it.

After Casts Alteration Southern Bone & Joint Feb 2014 SNAG-0002The casting guy had some pink left over and so we striped the red casts with it; I think it turned out cute!  He also gave us some padded cushion material we can put at the top of the cast if they start rubbing again.  Rhema has slept so much better at night since we had this done and the red sores have all but disappeared.  Yea Rhema!  Many, many thanks to our local heros who helped our little girl!!! May the Lord bless you for seeing us on such short notice!!!