Elmo & Cookie are HUGE!

We heard about a charity event at our local mall raising funds for Leukemia research and took Rhema by to support that Foundation.  I did not know if she would like the HUGE characters, but to my surprise she got very excited when she saw them.  So, we gave our donation and got to see all the fun characters up close and personal.  She was still timid, but would allow them to get close and would smile when I would give them “high-five.”

  Much to my surprise her favorite character turned out to be Minnie Mouse!

Rhema enjoyed this Minnie Mouse and would smile and laugh at her funny faces.  Minnie got the closest of all to get a “high-five” from Rhema; she eventually just waved at her instead.

Here is the funny part of this story:  We are still working on finding a “home church” and have been visiting a wonderful little church for about 3 weeks now.  On the Sunday after we saw these fun characters, we sat down next to a lady in church with Rhema just as the worship was beginning.  The lady, whom I’ve never met, tapped my shoulder and leaned over and whispered, “she (Rhema) was so cute last night at the mall”.  I gave her a quizzical look and she leaned over and said with a smile, “I was Minnie Mouse….”  How AWESOME is that!?  No wonder why Rhema seemed to gravitate towards this particular character!!!  It was THIS precious woman of God!!! I was so blown away!!!  What a sweet “kiss of the Lord” to let us know He knows right where we are and He is here with us….sometimes God can even use a Mouse in a dress to remind us of His Faithfulness! 🙂