Shopping with Casts Feb 2014 SNAG-0009Love This Face!

Rhema helped momma grocery shop this past week.  With her casts she cannot fit in a grocery cart and due to the weight of the casts she cannot sit in the “car carts” either that Public’s provides.  So, we were quite the site; momma pushed a grocery cart with one hand and then Rhema in her stroller with the other hand.  It was not too bad really, although I think it did make some folks stare quite a bit.  I’m really used to doing whatever works and this seemed to be the best solution.  Rhema was so cute and funny as we talked about each of the items that went into our cart; she loves the fruit and veggie section!  She was so patient and really darling as we wheeled around the store together.   Her favorite part was the free cookie that she got from the bakery!  That kid ate it all then looked at me with those baby-blues and said, “I want MORE cookie!”  LOL!  Yep, she knows what she wants and doesn’t shy away from asking for it!  LOL!  It’s a brand new day folks, and I’m loving every minute of it!