Break Time With A Snack!

Rhema sits in this little Rifton chair next to my desk many days while I’m working.  Nearby is my small filing cabinet which she uses as an additional tabletop for her toys.  After I get her strapped in she always asks for “stickers…sticker two” after which I hand her 2 stickers out of my desk drawer.  I’m getting quite a collection of stickers: mickey, horses, elmo and sesame street folks….. I’m always on the look out for sticker to surprise her with.  Here you see her playing with her horse “Butterfly Kisses” and having a yummy snack at the same time.

Rhema is such a pleasant child and easily entertains herself with her toys for a good long time.  I’m about a foot away from her sitting at my computer working on my “Rhema work” most of the time: researching resources, reading articles, working on her equipment needs, searching out council and help for her various needs….etc…  Rhema is amazing and we work very hard to be good stewards of her life and do what we can do to make sure she has what she needs and is cared for with excellence.  After all, she is “on-loan” from the Creator Himself, Who loves her more than we ever could, (which blows my mind) so we work very hard to love her like there is no tomorrow and care for her like the precious jewel she is.  She is my constant joy and blessing!