Spaghetti Rhema!

Rhema is still struggling to eat age appropriate foods, but you’d never know that watching her taste spaghetti for the first time.
Rhema was watching me eat some of her daddy’s world famous spaghetti and she said “taste! taste!” so I cut some up and put it in her tray.  She gobbled it up and said “taste! taste! again, so we ended up putting a total of 3 small helpings into her tray!  She ate it all!  That is huge!  She did not gag or throw up; she just chewed it up and ate it all!  We were all so surprised!  We have a feeding specialist from early intervention coming next week to observe her chewing issues, now we have some surprising news to share with her.

 Here is her sweet little face after eating her daddy’s spaghetti for the first time!  Another amazing feeding milestone was Rhema also ate the spaghetti with her fingers!  To date she has not fed herself anything that makes her fingers sticky or wet.  She gets really upset and i have to keep her hands/fingers clean of debris during feedings.  But on that day, hence forth know as Spaghetti Day,  her fingers and face were sticky and red with sauce when she completed devouring all her yummies! She is truly our AMAZING RHEMA!!!