Miracle League FAll Festival October 2013 SNAG-0010 SNAG-0000It’s a Pink Butterfly!

Rhema dressed as a Minnie Mouse Princess when we attended the Miracle League’s Fall Festival.  The place was packed and sent her on sensory overload, but she was able to enjoy herself.  The highlight of the night was getting this pink butterfly painted on her hand!  She loved it and talked and talked about it!  We played carnival games where we picked up ducks, threw bean bags, squirted squirt guns, etc….  Rhema would not hold anything or pick up anything voluntarily, so momma had to insist that Rhema allow “hand over hand” and we did the activities together.  Even without all the sensory overload of a festival, on most days with any activity I have to do hand over hand.  It’s really discouraging to me that she will not yet do hardly anything on her own, when instructed, and requires so much hand over hand help.  The key or issue is — anything on command– that is what trips her up.  If she is playing independently she can do many things, but if you are asking her to do it, that is when she acts like she doesn’t understand.  Maybe she is being stubborn?  Maybe it’s an auditory processing disorder?  We’ve yet to determine if it’s one or the other or a combination of both!  We are on a journey with her to find a solution, but while we are on this journey, pink butterflies surely help and brighten both our days!  Yea for face painting folks who also paint hands with beautiful butterflies!!! LOL!