In 2011 Rhema was blessed last year to be “baby Jesus” in our church’s Christmas play.  She was so tiny looking here in this picture and had just recovered from her third brain surgery and had a brand new VP shunt.  The bulge that had been on her neck, chest and head, that she had most of the first year of her life, was gone!  Just in time for Christmas my baby girl had her miracle and was stable, released from the hospital and got to play baby Jesus!  It was a wonderful Christmas after all last year!

Here is Rhema this Christmas morning in her PJs playing with her “cowboy”. 


We thankfully have not been in the hospital this Christmas, but Rhema has had pretty bad cold symptoms so that has kept us from many outings including church for Christmas.  I hope to get a picture of her on New Years in her Christmas dress and if that works out, you know I will post it! 

We are so blessed this Christmas to be surrounded by family and friends who love and care for our little family.  Even during all the festivities my heart was heavy knowing that there are so many folks grieving: the families of Sandy Hook, our precious Liam the Brave’s family preparing for a funeral and another family with a little girl named Elle who went to be with Jesus on Christmas Eve.  As I look at the pictures of Christmas past and Christmas present I’m reminded that each moment I have with Rhema and those I love is a “present”, a gift. 

So, Merry Christmas to ALL our family and friends who pray— YOU ALL are such a wonderful gift to us!  Christmas Blessings from Rhema & her Daddy & Momma!