A Smile…finally!

Rhema rode the merry-go-round with her Aunt Cha-Cha and did pretty okay.  She even allowed Cha-Cha to put her on a horse for a few seconds while the ride was stationary, but then a look of sheer terror crossed her face and she exclaimed “OFF!”  Cha-Cha quickly removed her and comforted her; I though hey, it’s progress at least she sat on the horse. LOL!  Cha-Cha rode on the little bench with Rhema as the ride circled around several times.  Rhema looked somewhat happy while riding, but when the ride came to a complete stop she began saying “all done– off!”  It was good to see Rhema was not too upset and fussy to get off quickly, so we were able to snap this picture with a very sweet smile on her face.  I am so looking forward to the day when I can say to her “you want to ride the merry-go-round AGAIN, you’ve ridden it twice already…”  smile….Oh, that is a day I pray for; and then yes, we WILL ride it again and be VERY thankful.