Meet “Butterfly Kisses” Rhema’s newest Team Member!

We are getting ready for our newest therapy, Hippo Therapy, and took a ride out to the equestrian center to meet Rhema’s newest team member!  The horse she will be riding is named “Butterfly Kisses”; she is such a docile, sweet horse!   We held Rhema and watching while one of the volunteers brushed down the horse and told us all about the program.  The therapist walked over to see us and took Rhema closer to the horse to get her a little more acclimated.  Rhema did not reach out and touch the horse this time, but she did allow the therapist to brush her arm on the horses neck.  We have been put on the schedule but have not determined when we will begin.  Our biggest concern is her aversion to wearing a helmet.  Once we get her riding helmet, we will work on wearing it at home and we are working with the helmets we have at home already and not having much success.  Keep her in your prayers as we are working on getting her prepared for this new, unique experience.  🙂  Thanks so much and blessings to all our dear friends and family who pray.