Thumbs up Dec 2013 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0004Thumbs-Up!

Wow, I did not realize how far behind it’s been since I’ve done a post!  So, let’s get caught up on things….  Rhema learned how to give the “thumbs up” thanks to her Papa and it’s been too darn cute!  She is talking so much more everyday and we’ve seen some huge improvements in her cognitive processing!  We are still going to keep her appointment in March for a neuro-psych  exam to test her cognitive processing skills, but I’m encouraged at what I’ve seen her do lately.  Yea Rhema!

We have successfully learned to cath her and she is doing really well with it.  Last week we had her urine tested and the culture returned with no trace of infection!  Praise God!  So, we are continuing to cath and are still exploring the medication side to things; she will have a second Urodynamic study in 5 months and we will see what the results are then.  We’ve yet to begin her invasive bowel program.  I’ve got to get that going this coming week.

Rhema’s shunt seems to have settled down— Praise the Lord!  Doing a happy dance right now!!!  That was a huge scare for us and we are so thankful that it seems to have passed and all is well.

Currently, we are hugely prepping for her surgery, which is schedule for the 20th of January at 5:30am.  Here is a short list of what were are doing prior to her surgery: her wheelchair needs some adjustments due to her huge growth spurt here recently so we are heading to Florida for that, we’ve got some follow-up questions for her surgeon so many emails are flying back and forth, her Sawyer’s Chair we pray arrives prior to her surgery, we are revamping her diaper changing area downstairs and getting a small counter-top build put in prior to her surgery and legs castings, we are working on her refurbished bath chair to get it ready, she has to have a medicaid referral appointment with her local doctor to get things covered for her urological medical equipment …….. WHEW!  I’m tired just typing all this!  And this is the short list!

I will try to be more diligent in my posts now and we thank you all for marking your calendars for the 20th!  We need all the prayers we can get and we also thank you for praying for us in the week leading up to it.  There is so much to do and I’m praying all of it will go smoothly.  Blessings to you all and thank you for all your support and prayers!