Now that Rhema has been allowed to be on her back for short periods of time, they have been able to do some basic testing on her internal organs and bone structure.  The results are in and they are good!  They could not find any developmental abnormalities with the internal organs or pelvis.  The next level of testing has to do with how the organs are responding to the brain within the realm of the autonomic nervous system and there may be several of those over time.  One doctor postulated today that with the severity of Rhema’s set-back, she may experience a re-flux of urine from her bladder to her kidneys.  They will be testing this possibility first through special x-rays and dyes within the next few days.  They will also be doing another ultrasound of her brain to evaluate the shunt device.  That is scheduled for tomorrow.  They will also be testing for any heart issues as a potential murmur was detected at one of the evaluations.

One other side note…  Since they have added protein powder and liquid vitamins to Rhema’s bottles, she has expelled portions of some of her meals.  We are working with the nutritionists to make adjustments.

For those of you who continue to stand with us in Christ Jesus, please pray for:

– Her kidneys and bladder that there be no flux issues.
– Her heart that it be strong and no murmurs or weakness of any kind.
– Her tummy that it would not be upset and that she would be able to hold down all of her meals.
– Favor with the medical staff that they would make the proper adjustments
– Life to her other internal organs
– Maturity of her autonomic nervous system
(Neuro connectivity to be established between her brain and all organs, limbs, tissues, muscles, etc.  with special focus on her bladder, bowels and everything below the waist.)
– The creation miracle power of our Lord, Jesus Christ to manifest and that He may be glorified through this process.

Medical Update from University of Tennessee NICU