This is a really big day today for us.  The doctors feel that Rhema has progressed enough to allow her to safely be on her back for up to 30 minutes a day.  This opens up the opportunity to conduct several tests that have been in queue since her admission to the NICU.  They are not wasting any time either.  Sometime this afternoon they plan to test her kidneys and bladder for any serious issues.  This is one of those milestones that will determine when they can release her to go home, but more importantly it will reveal what next steps will be needed medically.

For those of you who continue to stand with us in Christ Jesus, please pray for:

– Life to her bladder, kidneys, liver and bowels
– Maturity of her autonomic nervous system
(Neuro connectivity to be established between her brain and all organs, limbs, tissues, muscles, etc.  with special focus on her bladder, bowels and everything below the waist.)
– The creation miracle power of our Lord, Jesus Christ to manifest and that He may be glorified through this process.

Medical Update from University of Tennessee NICU