Since last update…

Rhema’s gap has been closing up nicely with the drainage becoming less and less.  They added some protein powder and liquid vitamin supplements to her feedings as well to help the healing process, so we are still on track. There is still no sign of infection or inflammation.  Today, her doctor commented that she has all of the signs of a healthy, happy baby and he is really impressed with her progress.  THANK YOU JESUS AND THANK YOU PRAYER WARRIORS!

On another front, we have had several visits from the physical therapy group to evaluate Rhema’s needs and see what we can do in the way of early intervention.  They also fitted her with some hand splints and foot molds that will be used for brief periods during the day to start correcting any alignment problems.  An interesting comment from one of the therapists was that she noticed a positive change in Rhema’s feet since yesterday and that was before any of their intervention was started!  We have only been touching and praying over her body thus far.

On a side note, I also need to mention the favor we have received  from the NICU doctors and staff overall. With very few exceptions, everyone has gone out of their way to accommodate our family’s needs and desire for how Rhema’s care is carried out.

Medical Update from University of Tennessee NICU