Well, another IV avoided…   One of Rhema’s blood cultures came back positive today, but it was only one of many that were taken. The doctor said that sometimes bacteria can enter a collection device and cause this but he wants to be sure before administering medication.  They are holding off with the IV and antibiotics since there was only one culture with a problem and everything else from her CRP levels (which returned to pre-surgery levels) to her appetite (around 4 oz per feeding) indicate that she is not sick at all!  Her gap was also less pronounced today and the seepage even less than before.  We all agree that Rhema is healing up nicely and is not sick at all.

Other things to note… Rhema was really active with her legs and knees to the point where it was difficult to change diapers.  At one point she even drew up both knees, lifting up her bottom high in the air.  She is also gaining more strength in her upper body and neck as she can literally lift her head and turn it from side to side by herself.  Sometimes it looks like she is doing push-ups!  This is going to be one strong little girl!

Medical Update from University of Tennessee NICU