Rhema had a better day today than yesterday.  So far, no infection, no inflammation and no bad reports from the labs!  She has also avoided any more IVs and antibiotics for the moment and is taking anywhere from 3-4 oz per feeding. WOW, what an appetite.

Now for some miracle news.  As we were praying over Rhema tonight and lifting the name of Jesus, the song “Overcome” by the Desperation Band came to mind (see music video below).  We started singing the verse that starts with “Jesus, awesome in power forever, etc.” and from a sound sleep Rhema started making cooing noises then started moving both of her ankles, feet and toes more animated than we had never seen before!  This lasted for several minutes as we continued to sing, then she went back into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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  1. Glenda

    Thanks for sharing this most precious moment with us so that all of us out here can praise the One and Only Holy God that we serve who gives us Rhema ‘s and Miracles
    because he loves us so much. We are going to see our God show out with Miss Rhema because he knows that he will be glorified. Love the song too:)

    Glenda Yohn

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