Rhema had a hard day today.  She has been poked, stuck with needles and has been made generally uncomfortable, but she has been a great baby through all of this.  Her “gap” is more pronounced by this evening and fluid leakage is still present, but the doctors still are not too concerned that it is spinal fluid.  They say that it is possible to have seepage like this as a surgery site that is this severe heals.  Their bigger concern is with any skin opening to the outside comes a higher risk of infection.  She has a bandage over the gap area now to capture seepage and prevent infection.  The tests/cultures so far are turning up negative as they are tested periodically, but these tests will not be considered to be complete for at least 72 hours after they are taken.

On a happier note, Daddy was able to give her a sponge bath and be a forklift again when they changed the bedding.  Sorry, but Rhema requested that we take no pictures of her bath time.

University of Tennessee Medical NICU