This morning the neurosurgeon evaluated the “gap” in Rhema’s incision on her back and the potential of fluid leakage in the gap area.  Good news is the doctor is not overly concerned about this and he allowed her to be on her side again, but the potential for infection and inflammation in the gap area is high.  Her CRP levels are slightly elevated, so they have taken samples to check for infection.  We are expecting to have results by tomorrow morning.


For those of you who continue to stand with us in Christ Jesus, please pray for:

– No inflammation or infection
– Continued healing of the “gap” in her back incision and no fluid leaks
– Life to all of her organs
– Neuro connectivity to be established between her brain and all organs, limbs, tissues, muscles, etc.  with special focus on her bladder, bowels and everything below the waist.
– Maturity of her nervous system
– Strength for mommy and for a good milk supply to meet Rhema’s needs.