It was a bit of a blur since the last medical report as everything went so fast shortly thereafter.  We realized that there has not been a cumulative medical update in several weeks, so here are the details.   Since it has been a little while, we thought it would be good to first highlight the victories:

  • The NICU doctors discontinued the protein due to her advanced healing
  • The NICU and neurosurgeon released Rhema early due to her advanced healing (expectation was 6 months)
  • The ultrasound results for organ development came back all positive in that no development issues were detected.
  • The VCUG results were that one kidney was perfect and the other had a negligible amount of re-flux.  So minor that the urologist discontinued antibiotics a week after discharge.
  • Rhema’s club foot condition disappeared! CLICK HERE to read the full story.
  • Rhema exceeded goals set by physical therapy the first day they were established and each nurse/therapist from that group has been surprised at her ability and strength.
  • Rhema’s incision site has still been draining slightly as part of the healing process of the deeper tissue surgery and it gets better each day.  Responses from her neurosurgeon and pediatric doctor have been that the incision site is healing very fast and is in far better shape than they would have expected.

Thanks be to Jesus that Rhema is doing real well and exceeding expectations in the medical community, but we are not out of the woods yet.  There are also regular baby things that need to be covered as well.  For example, with the change in season and exposure to some of the doctor offices, Rhema started having some slight congestion and fluid build-up in the ear near the shunt device.  As we enter into RSV and flu season, our guard is up.  The pediatrician said there is no reason to be alarmed yet, but it could possibly develop into an ear infection.

We believe that continued victory in all areas will only come through diligent prayer and through the miracle power of Christ Jesus.  For those of you who continue to stand with us in Christ Jesus, please pray:

  • That the fluid build-up in her ear would dissipate and not become an infection.
  • That her nasal congestion would clear up and stay that way.
  • That her brain fluid would continue to drain normally.
  • That her one kidney with negligible re-flux would completely heal and flux no more.
  • Life to her internal organs.
  • Maturity of her autonomic nervous system (Neuro connectivity to be established between her brain and all organs, limbs, tissues, muscles, etc.  with special focus on her bladder, bowels and everything below the waist.)
  • The creation miracle power of our Lord, Jesus Christ to manifest and that He may be glorified through this process.

Happy Rhema 10-04-10