Rhema’s neurologist still has reservations about allowing her to be placed on her back even though her stitches are out and she has been repositioned from side to side throughout the day for the past few days.  Being able to place her on her back is important because other physicians need to run other tests that cannot be setup or completed until this happens.  Our position is not to be in a rush to get her home at the expense of her healing or providing an ideal environment to obtain the best test results.

That said, the neurologist remained optimistic that if Rhema continues to progress like she is, we may possibly be able to take her home for the first time by next weekend!   There will be lots of follow-up visits to come regardless of her condition when she leaves the hospital, but just having her home will make us joyful beyond measure.

After she is cleared to be on her back, other doctors will start conducting tests.  So far, she has two bladder tests to be scheduled.  We will post more medical info as it settles.

She is losing more weight due to her body releasing some built-up fluid, so instead of regulating her milk/formula intake, she can eat as much as she wants for now.  (Earlier tonight, she took 4 oz in just one feeding – wow!)

For those of you who continue to stand with us in Christ Jesus, please pray for:
– Continued healing of her incisions (head, tummy and back)
– No inflammation or infection
– Life to all of her organs
– Neuro connectivity between her brain and all organs, limbs, tissues, muscles, etc.  with special focus on her bladder, bowels and everything below the waist.
– Maturity of her nervous system
– Strength for mommy and for a good milk supply to meet Rhema’s needs.