Many, Many, MANY Thanks to Shifts Designs!

Shifts Designs created ALL our decal stickers: 12 Rhema Miracle Decals, 12 Scripture Decals for the base of each wagon & multiple decals for the various churches and organizations who participated in this year’s Wagon Drive.  Shifts produced a total of 35 decals; all in various sizes, fonts and colors!  We had been hard at work trying to find a sponsor to help cover the costs of the scripture stickers and each group was required to reimburse us for their sticker we designed and had made for them by Shifts.  We had only collected a reimbursement from one of our groups when I went for my final meeting with the owner to collect our decals and to pay him.   The decals looked wonderful and as I reached for my purse, much to my surprise and amazement, he said there was no charge and consider it his donation toward our effort to help Children’s Hospital!  You could have peeled me off the floor; and I asked him was joking or if he was trying to make me cry!  He got a good laugh out of that and told me please don’t cry, and it was no joke, but just take them at no charge.  Well, I did not cry there but did shed some tears happiness and gratitude as I drove home!  WOW!  What a BLESSING for All of our participants!  Plus, the Rhema Miracle Team did not even have to worry about trying to cover the expense of our own stickers; God just provided it all and in a HUGE way!  So, THANK YOU SHIFTS DESIGNS!  You were very instrumental in helping our first annual, Rhema Miracle: “Show Some Love” Outreach to be a HUGE success!


Thank You Lowes!

The Rhema Miracle Team would like to express many, many THANKS to Lowes for giving us a 20% off discount on the paint and supplies purchased for the “Show Some Love” Wagon Outreach for Children’s Hospital!  Your paint experts were so much help while we selected everything needed to make the project a success!  All twelve of the Wagons that will be donated during this year’s Outreach are looking marvelous and we could not have completed our project without you guys!  Thank you, Thank you for making our first annual, Rhema Miracle: “Show Some Love” Outreach to be a HUGE success!