Horses May 2014 SNAG-0011Riding Princess

Rhema loves to ride, still…. always…..every week.  On this ride she got to see several other horses on the ranch and wanted to ride all of them!  LOL!  Yes, she’s gotten brave in her old age.  LOL!  This week we pick up her new twister straps and my prayer is, when we get her back up to walk that all this riding will really help her core muscles to be able to support her and give her good balance.  I’m very excited that by the first week of June we will back up and working on walking again.  All the delays are aggravating to me, but I’m trusting God that she will be able to catch up quickly.  I’d love to have her in walking canes by the beginning of next year for the spring or sometime next year.  Who knows, we will see her progress and how she does at getting her strength built back up.  For now, we daily and weekly plug along doing all we can to move her forward in her mobility.