Wagon & Casts & Binoculars Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Rhema loves these binoculars!

So, week two down!  It’s outta here!  Yea!  So, one more week with these casts!  Her last surgery, to remove the pins, has been scheduled for the first week of March!  Praise God!  Hallelujah! Also, while Rhema is under the anesthesia, they will mold her legs for her new AFO’s!  Yea!  So, after the next set of three weeks, when we go back up there to have the final set of casts removed, her new AFO’s will be there with our dear Mr. Bill!  Yea!  We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now, we are headed upstairs to wash Rhema’s hair on her bath bed.  It is always a struggle; Rhema hates it!  She cries and screams the entire time.  Ugh!  It’s so hard to hold her down and wash her hair, but it’s has to be done; we’ve delayed as long as we can.  So, it’s Saturday night, around 6:30; if you are reading this around this time, say a prayer.  We are probably wrangling her now, as you read this, and ALL of us could use some prayers.  LOL!  Just another bump in the road on this journey with our precious Rhema.

Okay, here I go….. “Rhema, momma’s coming” ……LOL!

Boy, she’d be running if she could and if she knew why I was coming to get her… LOL!