Fix it Bill!

Rhema has grown!!! So much so we had to make a trip up to see Mr. Bill and get him to lengthen her twister cables!  We had noticed in PT lately that the big leather belt on her waist had dropped down on her pelvis and did not sit right; after talking to her therapist about this it dawned on both of us that Rhema must have grown.  So, a four hour trip up to see Mr. Bill was in order anyway due to Rhema’s braces needing more tweaking as we are heading into hot summer weather and they are still rubbing sores and blisters on her little feet.  Mr. Bill confirmed our suspicions and  lengthened the cables.  Bill said his big concern was that over the summer Rhema may grow more and she may need new cables and braces sooner than expected.  We really are praying that these cables and braces will fit right up until her surgery in September because after the surgery she will require new braces and the twister cables will no longer be needed.  Only time will tell how much Rhema will grow.  Since it is out of our control, Bill said not to worry about it and continue to watch her closely concerning the sores on her feet and her growth pattern over the next few months.