PT without braces1 July 2014 SNAG-0002Look At Those Pretty Feet!

Okay, so worst. day. ever.!  Rhema’s last PT session, we forgot to put her braces/”helper-shoes” into the van.  So, we drove almost 2 hours to an appointment without the means to make the appointment successful.  Now, after I calmed down and my blood pressure lowered, I realized that for this to only happen once in the two years we’ve been making this weekly drive, it’s not too bad of track record.  Nevertheless, I was soooooooooo MAD at myself for this even happening.  Mrs. Dee Dee and Mrs. Mickey were gracious and did what they could with Rhema, but Rhema’s floppy feet just do not allow for much PT to happen with out support.  Rhema was her happy, bubbly self, but even she could tell there was something “off” about the sensation she was feeling as she stood up and down.

PT without braces2 July 2014 SNAG-0001

So, without the braces we decided to begin her Aquatic Therapy class one day early.  With that decision came a new set of problems; we did not have anything for her to swim in and with.  Cue a trip to Wal-mart and Sports Authority.  It was a whirl-wind trip to grab some lunch for Rhema, fly through Walmart to pick up a bathing suit, swim diapers, cover up, towel and then quick hop next door to Sports Authority because the Walmart did not have the proper “Puddle Jumper” floaty that she is needs for the class.  After all that I had 20 minutes to get her changed and to the class.  I flew back to the van, changed her, cathed her, dressed her and got into the line of traffic headed towards the class.  Even with all the delays we were only about 10 minutes late to the class.  Whew!  But oh, no the bad day did not stop there…..  The class was great, but because I could not get into the water with her like usual and they did not let her loose to swim.  Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these folks who do the class; our friend Mrs. Paula is WONDERFUL and we consider her “family”….. but I know Rhema and know what she is capable of in the water.  I wished let her loose and let her swim and just stay nearby her to watch her.  But they did not seem to feel confident with it and kept a hand on her.  So for the 45 minutes, Rhema just mainly floated around.  This was not what I wanted and what I rushed around for to get all that she needed to, in my mind, to redeem the day.  I was not unhappy with the teachers, but just disappointed on how everything happened.  Oh, it was such a blow to my momma-heart; I felt like I’d failed AGAIN.  Strike-two!  Ugh!

After the class was over I pulled her out of the water and just wanted to cry.  My brother and family and my folks were nearby in a condo and had offered to let Rhema swim.  I called my mom almost in tears, explaining all that had gone wrong with the day.  Sweetly they once again offered to give me directions to where they were and let Rhema come swim with them.  I did not really want to intrude upon their time together, but felt like it was maybe a way to redeem such an awful day and give Rhema the swimming time to really enjoy her day.  So, we headed over there and I told Rhema she was going to swim with Papa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Rarah, Gida, Andrew & Lydia; Rhema began to get so excited.  I’m so thankful for the still small voice of the Lord who helps me regain the Peace that I’d allow slip away, or rather, I’d chosen to leave.  Even on my drive I could hear the sweet voice of the Lord calling me back to rest and assuring me that I am not the worst mother in the world.  LOL! God is so good folks!  So, we drove over and they welcomed Rhema with open arms into the pool; she was one happy camper!  OH, it made my day to see Rhema so happy and getting more swimming time.

PC Swimming with Papa2 July 2014 SNAG-0003

Rhema swam almost 2 hours with them; my thought was, “she’s not gonna make it home without falling out asleep!”  LOL!

PC Aquatic Therapy Day1 Sleep In Car July 2014 SNAG-0008Yep, that’s Rhema asleep before we’d even gotten two blocks from the place, still wearing her sunglasses and with her hand still in her snack plate.  LOL!  She slept the whole two hours home!  Now, that’s a WONDERFUL end to such a horrible day!  One happy Rhema = One happy Momma.