Rhema Nativity Thanksgiving Nov 2013 SNAG-0013 SNAG-0000Look At All These Toys!

During Thanksgiving lunch Rhema kept saying, “I want to see for the Bible tells me so…..”!  We read a book, on many nights, that is set to the song, “Jesus Loves Me” and I was thinking she was saying she wanted to read the book.  I kept telling her that yes, we would read it tonight but I did not have it with me.  Even with my reassurance, she kept saying “I want for the Bible tells me so….” and looking at me.  Finally she pointed when she said this and I was able to see through the folks eating their turkey dinners what she wanted!  It had taken me forever, with one frustrated Rhema, to figure out she wanted.  Rhema wanted to go see the Nativity scene her Aunt Heather had put up for all of us to enjoy.  So, Aunt Heather sat a very happy Rhema on the shelf with the Nativity and Rhema played for about 30 minutes with each character, talking the whole time!  What a smart little Rhema to associate the song of “Jesus Loves Me” with the Nativity…..  And Yes, indeed, HE DOES LOVE US SO!