Rhema loves to wash her hands in her “sink.”

Recently it occurred to me that Rhema has never been able to wash her hands in a sink due to her mobility challenges.  We don’t use a wheelchair with her so we carry her everywhere and it’s difficult to hold her weight and teach her to wash her hands.  So, I’ve incorporated using a “sink” a.k.a.  a bowl of soapy, warm water when she eats her meals.  She loves it!  She will ask for her sink and will say “wash hands”!  Now, my suspicion is she likes to splash and play in the water rather than being concerned for her own personal hygiene — ha ha ha—- but I think that is just being a kid and it’s fun to watch her wash her little fingers in the bowl.  We  dip her hands, count to 10 while scrubbing her hands together and then we dip her hands back into the bowl— what fun!  This ritual has become quite popular and is definitely a hit!