Shopping Bags Dec 2013 SNAG-0001Two Presents!

Rhema rolled all over the mall with her Rarah while I stood in the line, holding a place so she could see Santa.  While Rhema was roaming around she met a nice lady at an ornament kiosk who was quite taken with her and allowed her to hold many of the ornaments.  So, we got through the line and saw Santa and then let Rhema roll around some more before heading home.  Rhema rolled back over to the ornaments and began, once again to ask to hold various ones of the ornaments.  The things is Rhema has no intention to take them with her or even knows to ask to take them home, she just wants to hold them.  The lady was so sweet and said for Rhema to pick one out and she would give it to her to take home!  Now, Rhema does not know how to pick or even really have a preference so the lady just picked two for her and put them into the little bags you see above and gave them to Rhema!  How precious is that!  Rhema allowed us to put one bag on each arm and she looked like a little Christmas shopper!  We were so excited to come home and put them on her little pink Christmas tree!  What a sweet kiss from the Lord for Rhema!  We pray many blessings over the sweet lady and pray she has a wonderful Christmas season!