Red, Yellow, Green….

Rhema and I love to play music together.  We have a box filled with various shakers, a set of cymbals, a tambourine, a recorder, a harmonica and this toy pictured above.  It is so fun to see her play all these instruments and we are learning to play together.  Rhema will even play the recorder or the “horn” and does pretty good blowing in it now.  She is getting more brave to try things that make noise and I’m seeing less and less of her SPD (sensory issues).  Exposing her in safe settings, like in music play time, I think is helping her.  I found a train whistle that when you blow it bubbles come out and so it’s exposing her to loud sudden noises in a fun way.  She is really liking bubbles now so it’s a good pairing of loud noises followed by something fun like popping bubbles.

Rhema is “W” sitting above, which is know is not good, but it is hard to keep her from getting into this position.  It takes constant cuing from us to get her to sit with her legs out in front of her instead of this position which further damages her knees.  She just does not feel it and will get into the most horrible positions at her knee joints with her legs in an even larger “W”; I cringe each time I see her do it!  So, we just do what we can and hope to get her more and more trained to take care of her legs.  I’ve got to work on sitting correctly and positioning herself better….. Oh, the “to do” list never ends.  I really wish she could just play, you know, just play and not have to worry about her legs, knee joints, feet, hip sockets…etc….  Other kids just play, they just do it without having to think of these things; their moms just say, “go play” and they do.  That is just not our reality.  Simple things become complicated….sigh…. Nevertheless, Rhema is here, she is happy, and we will continue to moment to moment address each situation so she can enjoy it to the full.