Rhema Wagon Kite Flying2 Jan 2015 SNAG-0004All Smiles!

Rhema is pretty much back to her healthy self; she is still coughing and vomiting her food more than we’d like, but overall she seems better.  While she’s been recouping, while we’ve all been recouping along with her, we watched the old classic Mary Poppins — Rhema is in love with it!!!  She asks to watch it almost daily now and she loves the kites!   So, a few days ago when it was sunny and pretty windy, we found a kite for $1.30 at Walmart and attempted to fly it for her.  It was a Jake and the NeverLand Pirate kite and believe it or not, that little kite did pretty well to be as flimsy as it was.  Rhema LOVED it and would yell, “get it up…higher…higher!!!”  She squealed and would repeat after me saying, “here comes the wind!!!”  When we would get it up and going, we would give her the handle and wound the string through her wagon so the handle did not escape when she dropped it.  She was one excited little Pirate Princess!

Rhema Wagon Kite Flying Jan 2015 SNAG-0000