Wagon & Learning Cards Feb 2014 SNAG-0002Opposites & Octagons–Oh My!

Rhema’s grandma Sandy gave us a desk of cards that has colors, shapes and other fun things on them and Rhema and I played with them all morning!  Her favorite cards were the opposite cards!  Then we settled on working on a shape she had never seen before, an octagon.  So, we’ve focused on it a lot and will incorporate more of it into our days until she learns the shape and how many sides it has.  Rhema loves to learn and is growing each and every day!

We are looking forward to her testing in April when we will learn more about how God has uniquely wired her mind to learn and how we can help her learn and process the world around her.  We will learn if there are any potential points of struggle, and then learn how to work with those points, to help her so she is not frustrated.  Many times when a child has Hydrocephalus and has multiple brain surgeries, there are learning struggles that ensue.  I love the way the Lord has wired each of our minds so differently; I’ve always said that we bandy-about the word “disability” a little too loosely. Kids process information so many different ways, at different speeds and on different levels.  I’m excited to learn as much as we can in April about how our little girl is wired!