New Friends!

Rhema’s riding schedule is in flux still with her adding some school activities during the week, but we were able to be fit into the schedule recently even with all that change-up.  Rhema is still a little clingy again when she first begins to ride.  I’m not sure why she is reverting back to seeming unsure about the riding process, but her therapist is very patient with her.  I’m hoping it’s just a phase and she will regain her confidence.  We feel so very blessed that she enjoy this AMAZING therapy and do not ever want to stop due to the wonderful muscle building exercise it is for her torso and hips.  As Rhema works on walking more and more I think we will see her balance and coordination be amazing and it will all be due to her Hippo-therapy and our precious friends the Civitans who fund her therapy and her amazing therapist and helpers!  We are blessed!