Fun While Standing!

Rhema is continue to work hard with walking, standing and moving on her own.  She is spending the summer working with our lovely Mrs. Dee Dee!  Dee Dee is wonderful and keeps Rhema walking from room to room.  Rhema likes to walk much faster than Dee Dee realized; just give her time and she will be off and running I think! LOL!  They have such fun together and are continuing to work on basic things like Rhema putting items in, taking items out and releasing items into baskets, etc….  Rhema still is not a big fan of doing any of these basic things.  It will be interesting to see what Dee Dee thinks of Rhema’s delays when it comes to these simple tasks and also how Rhema does not respond well to verbal commands.  It is almost like she feels pressure and does not know what to do in the moment.  I cannot make heads or tails of it  and am praying that in the fall the other new teacher Rhema will be working with can help find some answers and solutions.  Rhema is such a bright child!  But for now, we are mainly focusing on building-up Rhema’s legs in preparation for her surgery in September.