1st Day KAFOs PT Oct 2014 SNAG-0000Super Robot Legs!

Rhema did pretty well at PT with her new KAFOs aka. her super-robot-helper-shoes!  She only fussed a little when we put them on.  And yes, she wore her super shirt and mask the entire time.  LOL!

1st KAFO PT Oct 2014 SNAG-0013And She’s Up!

The KAFOs are so much more supportive than I thought they would be and even though they are bulky, I still think they are a step in the right direction.  (Pun Intended)

So, we’ve got a long road ahead of us to get Rhema back up and walking independently, but maybe now we’ve got what she needs to make this a reality.

We thank you all for your prayers as we move forward, finally, past these leg surgeries and back into PT full time.

Even Super Heros need a rest after working so hard!  LOL!  Rhema laid out on the back seat between PT and her Therapeutic Dance Class.  She did not stay still for long but it was just too cute not to snap this picture of her chillin’ while still wearing her mask.  LOL!

PT super hero resting in Van Oct 2014 SNAG-0012