We took Rhema on a wagon ride before her nap– she LOVED IT! Rhema is doing MUCH better! She is eating and drinking better, plus she’s back to her perky self. Her Neuro said that he is comfortable letting us go at the end of the day if she continues improving. She still has swelling, but the overall thought is that the secondary issues from her Mylo (i.e. UTI and Bowel issue) may be what is causing her CSF fluid levels to be in an altered state which affects her shunt. So, to sum up, if she rests for her nap without showing signs of pain in her head from pressure, then we will be discharged today. We are seriously considering getting a hotel nearby to let her rest over night to be sure she’s clearly in the clear before driving back home. Her Urologist came by and said he would want us to continue the antibiotics to be sure she’s clear of her UTI. So, she’s resting right now and we will see how she does. 🙂 Keep up the prayers and we will update soon.