Curious George Book Reading June 2014 SNAG-0025Her Monkey Friend…

Rhema LOVES Curious George!  So when we heard about the store opening event where they would have Curious George and other Princesses I just had to take Rhema!  Rhema was so excited to see Curious George, but as with most things, she was a little tentative.  She would point to him and smile, but mainly just wanted to hide and not get too close.

Curious George  With Rhema June 2014 SNAG-0024They gave all the kids who came for the book reading stickers and coloring sheets, which Rhema really loved.

Curious George Event Princess and Rhema June 2014 SNAG-0023Rhema’s Newest Princess Friend!

The group they had to paint faces and do balloon animals were amazing!  They were from another town a few hours away, but they by far were the best group I’ve met for face painting and working with kids.  The clown lady who painted faces is a kinder garden teacher, the Princess works with children who are blind and the balloon lady is an interpreter for the Deaf.  So all of these amazing ladies were no strangers to the special need’s community.  It felt like a Divine appointment.  Rhema really took the the Princess lady and ended up rolling all over the store with her while I spoke to the interpreter for the Deaf.  I have their business card and who knows, we may have them over for a party for Rhema; she’d love to see her Princess friend again.  She and I hope to talk soon as she wants to discuss my experiences working within the special needs community and my experiences with individuals who are blind.  I love how the Lord brings people into our path that we can encourage and assist in fulfilling His call on their life!

Curious George Event Butterfly hands June 2014 SNAG-0022Rhema and Momma got matching butterflies painted on our hands!